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Beryl has been our go-to light brand for a while now. Innovative design for the everyday cyclists, Beryls lights encompass everything we admire at Laka.

The Beryl Laserlight is the original bike light with laser projection. The light combines a white front light and a green laser projection of a bike on the road ahead of the cyclist to shine out of the blind spot and give cyclists a bigger footprint on the road. The increase in visibility was verified by an independent report from the Transport Research Lab in London, before the Laserlights were fitted to the London Santander Cycle Scheme. Their new version, the Laserlight Core, combines the green laser projection with a flashing or solid white LED.

Beryl is firmly transforming the way cyclists get around the city, removing barriers people face to get more people cycling. They started by tackling safety and visibity first, now they are removing another barrier by providing our own bikes.

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